"He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man:
that he may bring forth food out of the earth."  Psalms 104:14

Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Did you know?

Frequency Specific MicrocurrentThe National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), a subdivision of the National Institutes of Health from the Department of Health and Human Services, includes energy medicine as part of a wide range of Complementary and Alternative Medicine techniques that can augment and be used in tandem with conventional therapies.

Out of all the different techniques and therapies, it might be confusing to choose which one will help you. Perhaps the best way to understand what energy medicine is and how it works is to experience it or --for those who are a bit more reluctant -- to see it done. As with all healing modalities, it is imperative to find a licensed practitioner that is qualified to perform the services and has an excellent track-record of positive results and proper training.

What is Frequency Specific Microcurrent?

Frequency Specific Microcurrent or "FSM" therapy is the use of specific minute amounts of electrical current which appear to stimulate cells to create ATP or "cell energy." When this occurs your body becomes capable of using this self healing energy to speed up any necessary corrections in damaged tissues.

When the body is injured, the cells are more resistant to electrical input. This is called reduced capacitance. Microcurrent therapy improves cell capacitance allowing the following to occur. The Frequency Specific Microcurrent techniques have been documented:

  • Frequency Specific MicrocurrentSuccessfully treat acute and chronic pain relief
  • Reduce inflammatory chemicals (cytokines) in the blood
  • Increase feel good (beta endorphin) levels
  • Increase the production of ATP by 500%
  • Boost protein synthesis by 70%
  • Accelerate healing of acute injuries by 200%
  • Repair the regulation of nerve tissue
  • Boost immune function
  • Provide specific organ/system benefits
  • Restore depleted adrenal function - in stress and "anxiety" burn out
  • Increasing the healing and traumatic wounds, reduce bruising and swelling.

This energy healing therapy helps create a more favorable environment in the body’s cells for healing by regenerating cell function, reducing pain and inflammation, and restoring proper blood flow and self healing energy to the affected area.

What will I feel during the FSM therapy?

The amount of electrical current that energy therapies like FSM use are actually quite small, and very much in line with what the body produces itself. This is one of the reasons for the safety and effectiveness of FSM, that it works with the body’s systems. Most patients feel absolutely nothing.

What is FSM used for?

FSM energy healing therapy is used for a variety of injuries which cause pain and inflammatory conditions, among them:

Arthritis Inflammation
Joint Pain Herniated Discs & Degenerative Discs
Ankle, Foot, & Toe Pain
Muscle Spasms
Myofascial Pain Migranes
Tennis/Golf Elbow
Scar Pain Sports Injuries
Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
Neck/Shoulder Pain Sacroiliac Joint Pain

What equipment is used for FSM therapy?

Frequency Specific MicrocurrentFSM energy therapies are administered by a battery operated dual channel microcurrent generator. The frequencies range from 0.1 Hz to 999 Hz. and flow in a square wave form which is either alternating or polarized.

The machine has lead wires that connect to either gel pads or graphite gloves. The self healing energy is applied to the body using either the pads or gloves, depending on how the unit is set up and whether it is being used with or without the presence of a practitioner.